Friday, August 27, 2004

The Bath

Today was a busy day. I will try to remember all the fun exciting things that happened to me today.

First, the un-fun thing. I got a bath. Well, not much of a bath because I wouldn't hold still. Mom did her best and she lathered me up once but she couldn't do a really great job since I wasn't totally cooperative. I wasn't a bad dog, oh no, but still I preferred to be elsewhere. Mom is going to have to have someone help to get me really clean.

I've been roaming the house and the yard. For a 10 year old I'm pretty darn active. I haven't chewed anything, taken anything I shouldn't, or done any bad deeds at all. I don't have much interest, actually no interest, in all the dog toys. That may change though. Elsa and I did a bit of double defense against those irritating Shelties next door. They come right up to our fence and bark. We just stand on our side and by our very presence let them know that this is our property and they'd better not come over here. Elsa whimpers a bit but I'm so authoritative looking that I don't have to make any noise.

I did make one loud bark today. I was in Mom's office keeping her company and I thought I saw something interesting outside. Just one bark and then whatever it was disappeared.

Mom thinks I need training on how to take treats. I'm so eager for the treat that sometime I grab part of Mom at the same time. I don't mean to but I'm not very skilled. I hope she trains me a lot on this because I love treats! I do know how to sit on command.

Mom's going to take some pictures of me over the weekend. I'm hanging over Mom's keyboard right now trying to make sure she is truly getting my thoughts down. I'm pretty darn tall and I can lay my head on the desk. Mom's afraid I'm going to start counter-surfing in the kitchen but so far I haven't done anything remotely naughty.

Mom thinks I might have a cold or maybe kennel cough. I'm coughing and sneezing a bit. Nothing serious but Mom's going to ask the rescue team if I should be taken to the vet.


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