Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Walk in the Park

I went to the park today. Just me and Mom. Mom put me on a really long leash and then encouraged me to run as fast as I can. I did pretty good at first but after awhile I fell down and couldn't get up. Mom came over to me then and kissed me and said what a good dog I am and not to worry about anything but to just keep trying. I got up after that and felt a lot better and was able to walk. I was tired though! Panting a bit...hey I'm 11 years old. According to Cal's dog year calculator that is the equivalent of 82 human years!

The park we go to is "El Quito" park in Saratoga, CA. Here's a map in case you want to meet me there! (Click on the map for a larger picture.)

Mom said she is going to try to take me to the park for my daily exercise instead of walking to the bagel shop on the streets. The problem is that I drag my left leg and the toenails are getting worn down from the asphalt and even bleeding a bit. Mom doesn't want me to get a sore foot or have an infection. She also said she is going to buy me little booties for my back feet. Those, combined with my raincoat, are going to make me look pretty darn silly. But hey, whatever makes my human happy is OK with me.


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