Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Nosy Dog

Yes, it's true. I'm nosy. Hey, that's why dogs have noses right?

[This isn't actually my nose but to be honest, close-up, noses pretty much look alike.]

I like to stick my nose into everything both literally and figuratively. Nothing is off limits for my nose. For instance, it's my job to check out everything that is being taken out to the trash. It's pretty shocking what wonderfully smelly things from the kitchen Mom chose to throw into the big trash barrel. I tried to get into the bag to pull out some of the treasures but Mom was too quick for me. Other nosable items are whatever Mom happens to be drinking; especially when she is at her desk working on the computer. Since I'm tall, I can either drink right out of the cup or worst case, just lick the sides. Since Mom never finishes anything I get a hold of I cannot understand why she doesn't just let me have the whole thing!

Because I'm nosy in the figurative sense too, lots of things are interesting to me. I'm quite the helper when Mom is trying to tie her gym shoes. I really am trying to help although to the casual observer it might seem I am untying the laces rather than tying them. I rather like to grab cloth items -- ranging from pot holders, nightgowns, socks (while Mom is putting them on) and my bed (as she is moving it from the office to the bedroom). I've also discovered that there are some enticing creatures in the aviary. I did my best to get a really good look at them today but incredibly they are inside a cage that has two barriers of wire and a row of cacti! The cacti didn't bother me one bit but there's no way that I can get thru the wire, especially the steel one. And there's a double door, with a lock, to get in so sneaking in there isn't going to be possible. No matter, there are plenty of other things that attract me around here. Not those cats though, at least not yet. I've looked at them casually few times and they are dull, dull, dull.


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