Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Border Patrol

Today I did quite a bit of border control. Elsa seems to have slacked off and those Shelties next door are quite irritating. Mostly they yip and yap all day. And they come right up to the fence and try to stick their noses thru it. I stick my nose in there too and it's a wonder that we don't bite each other on the nose! There's a lot of activity with me running up and down parallel to the fence and periodically sticking my nose into it and the Shelties doing the same all the time barking their little heads off. I don't bark though. My approach is majestic and stealthy, not yippy. Elsa just stayed in the house I guess she thinks that I gotta earn my keep and I might as well do what used to be her job. I don't mind since I have lots of energy and this is certainly something that needs to be done right.

Oh, Mom and Elsa had a great time at "Bark in the Park" yesterday. My nose told me that they encountered 321 dogs. The Murky Snooze had an article about Bark in the Park today, and in the print version there is a picture of poster-GSD Mariah in a ghost costumn holding a plastic jack-o-lantern. Mom is now threatening to dress ALL of us up as ghosts for Halloween this year. I think the whole thing must be a joke because Mariah is the world's best trained dog, and we range from barely trained to hardly trained at all. Well, if I'm lucky, I'll be adopted by then and with my forever family and they will be a lot more sensible!


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