Monday, March 14, 2005

The Visit to Cindy's

I went swimming today and afterward we went to visit Mom's new friend Cindy at her house. Amazingly, Cindy lives one block away from where I swim. Mom met Cindy on the internet on the DM list. Cindy's dog Shadie had DM. Cindy and her husband Dick loved Shadie very much. I didn't get to go in the house though because I was still resting from my enthusiastic swimming. But Dick and Cindy came out to the car and admired me and gave me cookies. Their new dog Kodi stayed in the house but I could smell her on them. Kodi is a German Shepherd-Chow mix and Mom says she is adorable. Of course, not as adorable as me.

On the way home we stopped at the vet's office and picked up more steroids and some new medicine that will hopefully control my diarrhea. But after we got home I'm sorry to say I had a diarrhea accident all over the kitchen floor. Mom just sighed and cleaned it up she knows I can't help it.


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Hi Sam,
So now you know two GSDs with the name Kodi (Kody). You are one lucky guy. I hope that your new meds help you. I am on cortisone pills too, but they are for my ever present allergies not the DM.
Your pal,
Kody the GSD

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Sam (and Cynthia),
I really enjoyed seeing you swim and kick yesterday in the pool. Your swim "teacher" is very nice too. Wish you could have come in for the visit when your Mom stopped in to visit with us at our house, but maybe next time,ok?. I'll need to tell Kodi to be gentle with you though. She would want to play and sniff, but she would not bite you like grumpy ol' Elsa might (sorry, Elsa)
All our love, dear ones.
Cindy S & Kodi


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