Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Business Trip

Wow, you are thinking -- Sam went on a business trip! Actually, no. Mom went on a business trip and left us home alone! Well, actually, no. Not home alone. Jeff took care of us. But then Jeff had to go away too and we all ended up in the kennel. Elsa, Buffy and Pumpkin went to one kennel, at Pet's Friend Animal Clinic, but they were completely full so I went to another kennel, at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. I was so glad to see Mom when she came to pick me up! Elsa, Buffy and Pumpkin were already in the car and I was happy to be reunited with them. So happy that during the trip home I jumped over the back seat to be with Elsa, and then I tried to jump over the next seat, to be with Buffy and Pumpkin, but I got stuck. Somehow I ended up with my hind legs in Elsa's seat and my front legs in Buffy and Pumpkin's seat, and one of the seat belts around my middle. Mom couldn't believe I could get into trouble so quickly. It took her awhile to untangle me once we got home.


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