Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Pack Hierarchy

Well, it looks like I'm at the bottom of this pack. Today Buffy (BUFFY!!!) kept a bone from me and he growled and barked at me. Buffy weighs 17 lbs and I weigh 95 lbs. I have never, ever growled or barked at any of my foster sibling doggies. I'm just too easy-going. So I backed off without any shame and let Buffy be selfish. Now Elsa and Buffy push me around.

But you know what -- that's OK with me. I'm very comfortable in my place at the bottom of the pack. Someone's got to do it, and I'm the newest doggy, so it's where I belong. It's not like I don't get as much love and food and treats and toys as everyone else, cause I do (and Mom grabs my big nose all the time which she doesn't do to the others, of course that's partly because my big nose seems to be into a lot of things where it shouldn't be).

Pumpkin doesn't play the "whose on top" game at all. He's an independent dog and he doesn't recognize anyone but Mom as being the leader. There's all styles I suppose and as long as we are each happy in our own canine persona, then life continues to be beautiful.


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