Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Literary Dog

Had a great afternoon at Barnes and Noble today. We were inside the store, right by one of the entrances. The Rescue Team wrapped packages for customers and the doggies just lounged around attracting hordes of worshipers. Tara and Chandler and I were the only doggies there...for some reason Barnes and Noble didn't want all 15 of our foster dogs in the store at one time. Tara and I are up for adoption, Chandler is Keith's adopted dog. Chandler is even bigger than me...he weighs 110 lbs. I only weigh 95 lbs.

Lots of people stopped by to pet us and kiss us and stroke us. Lots of kids, even little tiny kids. I like kids! The Barnes and Noble staff came by too and they were wonderful to us doggies. They said we can roam the store with our person which we didn't realize. I'll be back at the store tomorrow (Sunday) from 1:30pm-6pm and Mom says she is going to take me everywhere in the store so that I get maximum exposure. The place I really want to go is the cafe -- lots of the customers were carrying coffee drinks and there is nothing that I like better than to knock over a coffee drink and lick up the mess.

Hope to meet you tomorrow! Address of Barnes and Noble is in yesterday's post.


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