Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Adoption Inquiry

Don't panic, but there has been an inquiry about me. Me, me, ME! Someone is interested in ME! Lick, kiss, little bark of joy. But, as Mom always says, nothing is done till it's done. So if you are interested in adopting me, NOW is the time to make your own desperate inquiry. Just follow the link on the right to the SF Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue website.

While I must be discreet about the inquiry, for after all, it is only an inquiry, nothing more. They haven't even met me yet. But, I will say that it sounds good. They want to know if I get along with cats, parrots, horses, and chickens. Does that sound like the good life or what! My only question is...what does it mean to "get along" with chickens? Mom mulled over that one very deeply. She suspects that I would like chickens very much, I might even LOVE chickens. But does getting along include chasing and eating? Or does it mean herding and co-existing? And what exactly would I do if confronted by a chicken? I don't know the answer to this myself.


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