Friday, July 01, 2005

The Hospital Stay is Over

I'm home!

I sure haven't been feeling good. I still have a fever (104 degrees F) so I feel hot but Mom put a fan on me. Mom says she has to go buy a thermometer and take my temperature 3 times a day.

My hospital stay would have been fun if I hadn't been sick. My nighttime doctor was Dr. Rogers and my daytime doctor was Dr. Shandro. Both of them were very kind to me and helped me a lot. The vet technicians were cool too although they wished I would pee and poop outside instead of inside my little hospital cubicle. I was so tired though I didn't want to get up and go out to do my duty. Mom came to visit me twice a day and sometimes she brought Peggy. I was always surprised to see them. Then, thank goodness, I got to come home tonight. I'm resting in my favorite spot in the family room now. I've got to take two kinds of antibiotics each day for 2 weeks and go in for another chest x-ray in 10 days. But, these are only small annoyances.

By the way, the food at the hospital was great. Mom bought some so that I can eat it at home. There is always a silver lining to every cloud.

More blogging tomorrow and thanks for all of your positive thoughts.



At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Deb W barked...

We are SO GLAD you are home and doing better! Myka and Tahnka, the Borzoi of Ferlinka


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