Friday, June 03, 2005

The New Harness & The Swimming Lesson

Exciting news. I have a new harness and Mom is very hopeful this is the answer to all of her problems in helping me get outside to do my duty. It's the Hartman Harness and although I've only been wearing it for 6 hours Mom seems very happy with it. I personally don't even notice that I've got it on, which is the whole idea I suppose.

Also, I went swimming today! Yikes, I thought my water baby days were over but apparently not. Connie my swim instructor was very happy to see me but to be honest, I was not happy to see her. I regret to report that I growled at her when she lifted me to put me in the ugh ugh ugh WATER. I had to swim 3 times, just like before. Awful. But Mom insists. She says both Dr. Pedroia , my neurologist, and Dr. Julie Miller, my vet, say that swimming is good for me. I used to go swimming a lot -- you can read all about it right here in my blog.

Connie and Mom jabbered away like crazy catching up over the last 2 months. Pretty boring for me since Mom talks incessantly about me. One of Connie's doggies has been sick; the other, Chief, was there at the pool. Chief is obsessed with tennis balls. Connie thinks Chief has DM too, he's a long-haired GSD, but he can still walk.

Then Mom went over to Aunt Cindy's and Uncle Dick's house to chit-chat with them. They live right around the corner from the swim school. In fact, Mom had dropped off Buffy with them before I went swimming so that he could play with Cousin Kodi, their chow-GSD. I didn't get out of the car 'cause I was so tired from my swimming ordeal but Uncle Dick and Aunt Cindy came out to the car to pet me and fawn over me. As they should!

Pictures soon Mom is still waiting for the camera connection cable to come back from the factory. Aunt Cindy took some photos of Buffy and Kodi -- they will be posted shortly.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Splash barked...

Hey Sam, that new harness sounds like it will really help! I'm glad you got one. Hope the swimming does you good.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Cal the Wonderdog barked...

Those humans sure can jabber can't they? But as you might have noticed (Ditto is learning this too) that humans are so easy to train. But the one thing so hard to break them of is that jabbering.

It must be instinctual at the deepest level for them. Kind of like our primal need for Greenies and Snausages (that one must go back to cave dog days)



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