Friday, December 10, 2004

The Stay Command

I'm learning the "stay" command. Not easy for an eager doggy like me. Mom has two main teaching situations. The first one involves ice cubes. She makes me sit, then stay, while she downloads an ice cube from the refrigerator. Then she sets in on the floor in front of me but I can't take it until she say "OK". I figured this one out really quickly and have it almost perfected.

The other lesson is harder. Mom tells me to sit and stay in the family room while she prepared our doggy meals. I'm good at the beginning but when I hear and see the kibble pouring into the bowls I can't stay still. I get up and jog over to Mom. But she says "no Sam" and back I go into my position on the rug by the door. I sit, I stay... and then I get up and the whole cycle starts again. But I'm improving rapidly and today at dinnertime I actually lay down and just waited for Mom to bring me my bowl! Of course that was after about 15 corrections. I'm learning though and I'll have this figured out in no time. Mom says she was tired of having me jump circles around her when she was preparing the food. She wants me to stay calm and collected!


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