Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Upset Tummy

Ooooh. Owwwy. My tummy is upset today. I barfed last night, although Mom thought it was Elsa since she just had an operation. But then this morning I barfed right in front of Mom, all over one of the cheap Walmart rugs. Then I stood quietly with my ears turned back and shivered. Naturally Mom panicked, afraid that her beloved Sammy was ill, and rushed me to the vet.

When we got the vet I ambled in, acting perfectly fine, and proceeded to make friends with all of the other doggies. No barfing, no ears laid back, and no shivering. I was the picture of good health.

When Dr. Brian examined me he said I'm tummy just got a little upset and, here's the terrible part, I couldn't have dinner tonight! Oh no. Dr. Brian gave me a shot to help my tummy get better quicker. That didn't bother me at all. But no dinner. Oh whine, cry, sniffle, moan. I had to sit in my cage while Elsa and Buffy and Pumpkin and even those worthless cats all had their dinner. Mom says she feels terribly sorry for me but if she really felt all that sorry she would feed me! I hope I live thru the night without starving to death. I am going to have a delicious breakfast with rice which I love. Something to look forward to. Unfortunately, being a dog, I live only for the present, not the future.


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