Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The 15 Minutes of Fame

I'm famous! Because today Linda Goldston, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, wrote about German shepherds and she specifically mentioned me and my blog.

Cynthia Typaldos sent several stories about shepherds and offered readers the chance to check out her dog Sam's blog: Sam is a purebred black German shepherd who lets little dogs boss him around "and doesn't have to be in charge to be happy.''

Please let one of you reading this be interested in adopting me, Sam, the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! I'm looking for my forever family and home.

Read on to learn all about me. To know me is to love me.

Posted on Wed, Oct. 27, 2004
German shepherd owners speak up for the breed
By Linda Goldston

You've heard me say it before: There are no bad pets, but there are many bad pet owners. At the top of that list are people who let their dogs run free, causing all kinds of problems and often injuries for others -- people and dogs.

It makes you feel so helpless when you're out having a wonderful time walking your dog and another dog comes lunging toward you both. My 17-year-old dog, Lucy, and I were very lucky a few months ago when the dalmatian that came after her only knocked the world's sweetest dog to the ground.

The people I wrote about last week wasn't so lucky. After they and their little dog were attacked by a German shepherd running loose, all three had to go to the hospital.

The day the column ran, I heard from numerous German shepherd owners, especially some devoted souls who rescue members of that breed -- shepherds that have been abandoned or given up. They were terrified that writing about a German shepherd attack would make it harder for them to find homes for the dogs they are fostering.

And they worried that my column would give a bad name to what is truly a wonderful breed.

Let me be clear: I love German shepherds and will never forget Max, the 100-pound husky-shepherd mix who will always be the love of my life. But attacks with many kinds of dog breeds do happen, and that's where irresponsible people come in.

If I ran this world, those people would be rounded up in trucks -- similar to the trucks you see picking up stray animals -- and confined for weeks at an animal shelter. Maybe if they got to see the results of so many irresponsible owners -- the thousands of abandoned dogs who have to be killed every year -- they might be a little more responsible with their own dogs.

They might take the time to train their dogs, to socialize their dogs and mainly to love their dogs so they feel secure and not threatened all the time.

But I doubt it. I've noticed that irresponsible dog owners are usually pretty unlikable themselves. So what can we do? The only real power we have is to make sure we report every loose dog.

And as the many devoted lovers of German shepherds and other large dogs would tell you: Don't think all big dogs are alike. They can be as sensitive, lovable, gentle and well-behaved as any pet.

"Boy, did you stir up a wasp's nest on the German Shepherd Rescue list this morning,'' wrote Joni Woodside. "People within the rescue group were incensed that you have set us back in our cause to save and rehome this breed of dog by writing this article.''

I was especially glad to hear from Joni because her late dog, Rocky, a magnificent German shepherd, was the only dog my Lucy has ever loved. She had such a crush on Rocky that she'd get all shy and girlish around him -- not normal behavior for a dog who loves mud puddles and never understands the need for other dogs in the world when she is here.

"So much of what any dog becomes is directly related to what the owners did with them or more importantly what they didn't do, such as training and socializing,'' Joni said. "There is an endless supply of Maxs and Rockys out there, and we are on a mission to save them from the shelters before they are destroyed.''

Joan T. Sullivan wrote to say that people need to know that German shepherds "are partial to fluffy beds, soft pillows and stuffed animals. If more people knew this, they might see them in a different light.''

Cynthia Typaldos sent several stories about shepherds and offered readers the chance to check out her dog Sam's blog: Sam is a purebred black German shepherd who lets little dogs boss him around "and doesn't have to be in charge to be happy.''

I can't say the same for my bearded collie mix, Lucy.

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At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Messieur Sam,

I am soooooo jealous! All I get from my mistress are walks along the Seine and fillet mignon. YOU get a blog!

Well, as zhey say auf Deutsch.... viel vergnuegen!

Madamoiselle Fifi
Poodle Extrordinaire

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Hi there

I caught your blog and thought it was pretty good! My human has a camera phone picture page of me at
and a Dogster page too if you look for Libby in San Francisco you will find me.

Being adopted is a good thing since these humans seem to like to go to the park a lot and take me on car trips almost every day.

Have fun!!!
Libby in San Francisco


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