Monday, July 18, 2005

The Typical Monday

Today was a typical Monday. Breakfast, then swimming, then dinner. Gosh I love to go out. Mom says I'm kind of dumb because I am so eager to get into the car and yet so surprised when I end up at the pool. It's true that I do not like to swim. But I love to be in the car. After I go swimming since it is evening by then Mom parks in the shady driveway and lets me hang out in the car all by myself. It's cool being in the car!

I swam really good today. I am getting back some of my strength that I lost when I had pneumonia. Mom didn't bring the camera and torture me thank goodness. Sadie the white lab and Honey the yellow lab were also at the pool. They don't like to swim all that much either. Sadie barked and barked at Honey for no obvious reason. I'm quiet at the pool. I don't interact with the other dogs or humans, I'm kind of above the social patter that goes on. I do keep my eyes glued on Mom just in case she decides to toss me a treat.

Yesterday I really wanted to grab the cats and squeeze their furry little bodies hard with my teeth. I barked and barked and snapped my teeth like an alligator. Gosh I looked and sounded like pure evil. But that scrawny gray cat named Misty just sauters by me a few feet away and worse then she lies down on the ground and swishes her tail and stares at me taunting me! She deserves to have my pearly teeth squished into her scrawny body but no...I cannot walk so I cannot grab her. Die Misty die. Oops. Mom didn't like that. Well, gotta go now.


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Hey, Sam, it looks like I can finally post some comments again. Great! I am no longer voiceless. Here's what I have to say. Sam, you are too cute. But you must learn to love all creatures, great and small and that includes Misty. Of course, Mom says that I shouldn't lecture you since I snap my teeth at ALL creatures including humans.


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