Friday, February 11, 2005

The Swimming Lesson

I went swimming today. I'm pretty sure it's for the first time because I was kind of nervous. Connie the swim teacher (at AquadogK9PT in Los Gatos) was in the pool and she came over to the side, picked me up and put me in the water! The water was really warm and soothing but I had to dog paddle like crazy. Actually Connie was holding me but I figured I better get my legs moving just in case. I only stayed in 3 minutes the first time but I was exhausted afterward. Connie brought me out and Mom dried me off and I sat next to the outdoor heater and panted and ate a few cookies and tried to plot my escape.

There was another dog there -- Connie calls her Pumpkin but that's not her real name. Connie calls all dogs Pumpkin apparently, even me. Kind of confusing because we have our own real life Pumpkin dog here at home. Anyway the other dog got to wear a life vest but I didn't need one since I float more. After the other dog paddled for awhile she came out and...yikes, Connie and Mom made me go back in the water!

This time Connie took me down the steps so I wasn't as scared. I got to eat cookies the whole time to which helped a lot. After I sat on the steps awhile Connie pulled me out into the deeper water and I had to paddle like crazy again. I was less nervous but still not sure if this is something that I would choose to do.

After a short session I got to come out, they washed me off with non-chlorinated water, and Mom dried me off. Mom then sat down to fill out the form about me. That seemed like a good time for me to make a run for it. I got all the way to the gate but darn, it was closed. Well, the good news is that was all for today. Connie said I did well and that I would be tired tonight and tomorrow. Maybe so but I sure wasn't too tired to eat my dinner!

Connie in the water with another dog.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Heidi barked...

So glad you are going swimming! Dats very good for dose bad legs. My Marie knows about having bad legs. She had vheels for a long time too. Svimming is a great non veight bearing exercise! Hope you are feeling better.

Chow, Heidi

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Jordi barked...

Hi Sam, Jordi here. Don't forget when you go swimming to work on your splash. That is a very important part of swimming and the humans love it - at least my mom and dad were laughing when I did it to them. I got them as wet as I was and it was fun. Take it nice and easy for the first few lessons cos it really finds those muscles you forget about.

See you soon

Jordi (cute little English GSD)

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Splash barked...

Oh my gosh! Why was I not informed about this facility! We are SO THERE!

Hope they are okay with Labs, maybe they need canine lifeguards?

Gotta go, have to check out Mapquest for directions......


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