Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Medical Checkup

Today I went back to Adobe Pet Hospital for my medical checkup. While I was in the lobby I met an adorable Wheaton Terrier. Her name was Uma and she wanted to play. I kind of wanted to play too, but she was a little bit too forward for me. Cute dog though.

Then Mom and I went into one of the exam rooms and met with Dr. Shandro. The doctor was very pleased with my manner and appearance. I'm quite the lively dog now! She took an X-ray and said it was perfectly clear, but just to be safe and make sure there isn't a relapse, she put me on Clavamax for 2 weeks. I don't mind since Mom gives me my medicine wrapped in liverwurst.

I also got weighed and am down from 101 lbs when I checked in a few weeks ago, to 94.4 lbs. Dr. Shandro said I could still lose a bit more. 90 lbs and I'll be perfect. Luckily I don't have to practice self-control...Mom just feeds me whatever is the right amount and I eat it.

Dr. Shandro said I could now have a bath too. I like water but I'm not sure about the bath. Mom can't give me a bath by herself though...she needs someone to help since I am so squirmy. Might be awhile before I actually have that bath.


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