Friday, September 03, 2004

The First Day Home

I'm doing great.

I won't eat canned or dry dog food, too boring, so Mom is giving me oatmeal, baby food, cooked chicken and liverwurst. She seems to have snuck in some small round things that came out of little bottles into my food. I figured I wouldn't spit them out just to please her. She looked relieved that I didn't seem to notice them.

Last night Elsa and I decided to swap places. She slept in my crate and I slept in the bedroom along with Buffy and Pumpkin. Elsa sure likes that crate but I personally have no interest in it.

Turns out I am not perfect after all. I peed twice in the house, and without any warning. I was a yard dog my whole life so I don't really know any better. Now Mom is taking me outside every two hours and I've been a very good dog each time, doing my duty quickly. I'm a fast learner so I expect to master this in a day or two. Mom sure hopes so. Kelly told Mom that most of their rescue dogs need housetraining but Mom isn't experienced in doing this. Even though she adopted 5 rescue dogs (not all at once!) including Elsa, Buffy and Pumpkin, all of them were adults and they were all house-trained. But, no matter. A simple thing for an intelligent pooch like me to learn.

I'm doing just what the doctor ordered -- staying very calm and not running around or being too active. Mostly I just nap on my bed next to Mom's workstation. Sometimes I let out a little snore. I'm very happy.

Kelly suggested that my new name be Sambo. It is an adorable name and it fits me well, being that I all black although I'm not exactly little. However there has been such controversy over the book and the restaurant that this may not be a good idea. They are going to think about it. The book sure has some cute pictures.


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