Monday, September 06, 2004

The Garden Hose

Yikes, it was hot today. It's tough being perpetually covered with a thick fur coat. But I got a real treat with the garden hose. Mom was watering the plants and I got to grab at the water spray with my mouth. I couldn't get wet because I'm still recovering from pneumonia, but it was a lot of fun trying to grab at the water. I like water a lot. Once I get better I may be the kind of dog that even enjoys taking a bath.

Today I felt pretty darn good. I ate most of my breakfast, but by dinner time I was ravenous and I ate everything very quickly. Another fresh cooked meal of skin-free chicken, carrots and zucchini, cooked in the pressure cooker. Mixed in with that is 1/3 cup of dried dog food and oatmeal. Before dinner I also get some yummy liverwurst treats with some not-so-yummy pills inside them. If I can, I spit out the pills but eventually I end up eating them. It's worth it for the liverwurst. Mom doesn't give me treats using her hand anymore...she says I need training on how to gracefully accept treats. I might have accidentally nipped her fingers a few times. So now she gives the treats to me in a big spoon. But she is going to teach me how to take a treat softly from the hand. Mom says probably I don't have much experience in getting treats. That may or may not be, but I know that I like to get them!

Mom says things are appearing on the floor that weren't there before, like a shoe, or a sock, she thinks I might have something to do with this. Well, I'm not making a confession or anything, but if a shoe or a sock is available to be moved from one location to another, shouldn't it be? It's not like anything bad happens to the shoe or sock. It just appears somewhere else. Kind of like magic. The only thing that worries Mom a bit is three times now the back gate has magically been opened. There is another gate before the big wide world but she doesn't like it that I have figured out how to open the gate. So she put some barriers up just to be safe. She also put on my new dog tag. It doesn't have my name, but it says "German Shepherd Rescue", then a phone number and then my official Rescue number.

Peggy came over today to see how I was doing. She thinks I'm a sweet and good-looking guy. She paid some attention to me but Buffy jumped into her lap and Pumpkin tried to distract her. I'm pretty fond of those little doggies though so I didn't mind.

I was a very good dog today overall. No more accidents in the house. No barking...I'm a pretty quiet dog at least so far. No chewing, no digging, no howling, no growling...the list goes on and on of all the bad things that I didn't do that some dogs have been known to do, not me or my foster siblings of course. Well actually, they all three bark, even in the middle of the night. Pumpkin has never met a piece of upholstery that he couldn't demolish. Elsa snores. And Buffy is a little bit on the timid side. So they are good dogs, but not great dogs like me. Just a little bit of a comparison in case someone reading this is wondering how I stack up!


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