Friday, December 03, 2004

The Indoor Cats

Mom's cats are indoor now, inside the former laundry room. There is a screen door between them and me, but I've punched that screen off the door a few times. Mom is more than a little nervous about my high level of interest in the cats. While it's true I have never done anything to them, I've never really had a chance either.

So Mom is planning to put the glass doors back on the laundry room to replace the screen doors. She needs help from Fred though and he is busy for a few days. Mom also wants to ask Kelly to help explore my true level of interest in cats. Do I want to eat them? Do I just want to sniff them? Or what? I must say those cats have absolutely no interest in me. They meow with their cute little bodies right up at the screen door when I have my big nose pressing up against them! They act as if I don't exist! Mom isn't sure if that is because they have no fear of dogs because they are used to Elsa, Pumpkin and Buffy, or because they just aren't smart enough to know I'm a different kind of dog when it comes to cats. Or maybe I'm not a different kind of dog with cats. That's the $64,000 question. Or maybe those cats are senile. Misty is 17 and Charli is 19. They sure have a lot of lives.

Don't forget that you can meet me tomorrow in Sunnyvale! Details in the right-hand column.


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