Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Bagel, Egg, & Swiss Cheese Sandwich

Today I ate half of a bagel, egg, & swiss cheese sandwich. Along with part of a lunchbag.

I'm sure you are wondering why Mom has changed my diet. It wasn't exactly intentional on her part, and it was rather opportunistic on my part. Mom brought home her lunch in a paper bag and put it on the kitchen counter. When she walked over to open the sliding glass door, I couldn't help it, I snatched the bag off the counter. Mom screamed and grabbed me and tried to open my jaws to retrieve her lunch, but I couldn't bring myself to give it up. So I ended up with half of the sandwich (including half of the paper bag) in my tummy. I suppose I was a bad doggy but Mom didn't even get mad at me. She said it was my nature to counter-surf and she should have known better to put something so tempting within my reach. She went and got another sandwich and was super-careful with this one when she brought it home.

Mom went on another business trip on Thursday and Friday and Jeff took care of us again. Jeff says that I am more trouble than the other three doggies combined. Mom laughed but she kind of agreed.

I'm really getting skilled at waking Mom up with the wet nose on the cheek routine. Mom doesn't like me to wake her up so early (is 5am really that early?) but she thinks it's really a cute behavior. She pushes me away but she's always laughing so I come back in a half-hour or so and try it again. Maybe she should just get up and feed us earlier!

Elsa was mean to me today. She's quite the bully if you ask me. Mom was throwing our toys for us to fetch out in the back yard. I'm very good at fetching the toy and bringing it back although I tend to not want to drop it. When I get the toy, because I'm the biggest and fastest doggy, Elsa has a little fit. She gets all mad at me and tries to beat me up. Of course I kowtow to her since she's top dog around here but really I don't know why she has to always be in charge. Mom gets mad at her but Elsa knows Mom is happy to see her so active and alert, given that she's so ancient. So Mom lets Elsa get away with whatever she wants to do. I guess I get away with a lot so I'm not complaining!

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I'm going to the Cupertino Oktoberfest and I will be featured as a foster dog looking for my forever home in the rescue booth. It will be the first time that I will be out in public as an adoptable doggy. Elsa will be coming too...Mom insists on bringing her even though I'm the one that will be the center of attention.


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