Friday, January 14, 2005

The Surgical Operation

Yikes, Elsa had an operation today on her chest. I know this because Mom took her to the vet early this morning and brought her home this evening. She has a big bandage all around her chest and she is wearing a t-shirt. She looks kind of goofy in the t-shirt but I'm not supposed to make fun of her. I've actually been really nice to her and even kissed her when she came home despite that she beats me up all the time. I'm a very forgiving doggy!

I don't really understand what's happening with Elsa but Mom says she had a tumor on one of her breasts that could be "cancer", whatever that is, so the doctor did a "mastectomy". Mom is very hopeful that the tumor is not cancerous, so we are all upbeat and living for the moment, which is what dogs do.

With all the fuss over Elsa and Mom's business meetings in San Francisco I didn't get my daily walk. I did chase that obnoxious squirrel in the back yard though. I practically caught him! (Aside from Mom - he didn't even get close). I feel confident that soon that soft plush squirrely body will be melting in my mouth.


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