Monday, December 27, 2004

The Rainy Day

It's raining so I didn't get to go for my walk! Oh boo hoo, whine, sob, little sniffles. But Mom says that Jackie is going to give me a raincoat that is too big for her doggies so that I can be walking in the rain in the future. Yes! Walking in the rain is in my future!

I did get to go for a ride in the car with Mom. We went to the post office to send a letter to her friend Laura who lives in Argentina, then we went to the vitamin store. Mom bought some vitamins to put into my food. Ugh, yuck. Actually, just kiddng. If it is even remotely edible, I'll eat it. Mom put them in my food tonight and I didn't even notice. Right now I am taking Vitamin B complex and a liquid that is fish, borage and flax oil. More vitamins soon but Mom didn't want to add too many at once. She says she is going to start giving me sardines too. Yummy!


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