Friday, March 25, 2005

The Upcoming Medical Events

Apparently I am going to go back to the Animal Care Center next week. I overheard Mom making the appointment. First I have to have my blood tested tomorrow at my vet's office. If the results are good I will go Tuesday night to the Animal Care Center and stay overnight. Then on Wednesday morning I will go to a people hospital for my MRI. We doggies get to use the fancy medical machinery in the off hours. I hope I get a chance to leave my "mark" on the machine, if you know what I mean. If any of you humans are reading this, if you happen to be the first patient in the morning using the MRI machine, keep in mind that a dog might have been there right before you :-) Anyway, Mom will come back to pick me up after my MRI and talk with my neurologist, and bring me home.

Speaking of home -- I love being at home. I love to be in the house. Mom takes me outside to do my duty but I can't wait to get back inside. I'm really quite the homebody. I sleep in my crate all night very peacefully. At 6am I wake up and bark sweetly and incessantly until Mom can't stand it anymore and gets up and feeds me. Gosh I love to eat. Mom feeds me extra food now since I lost a bit of weight, plus she told me that if it makes me happy, why not. I also get treats all day long...not just dog biscuits but ice cubes and my daily banana. I still long for the banana peel.


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Splash barked...

You are right Sam. Food and being cozy at home are the best things in the whole wide world. I know the words "cookie", "eat", "hungry", "breakfast", "dinner", and "bowl". Do you use the same words?

At 5:36 AM, Anonymous mrs.robinson barked...

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