Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Definition of "Food, Water, and Shelter"

More good news for canines! San Francisco is defining what it means for a doggy to have "food, water and shelter".

S.F. planning to unleash dog-care rules Ordinance would define adequate pooch amenities
Suzanne Herel, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, January 6, 2005

"In San Francisco, where orphaned animals live in pet condos at the SPCA, pet parents are called guardians instead of owners, and well-heeled canines are enrolled in doggie day care, now comes a law mandating more creature comforts for the creatures. "

"The ordinance, expected to be approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, spells out exactly what the city means by providing food, shelter and water to San Francisco's estimated 110,000 dogs.

"The food: palatable and nutritious. The water: changed at least once a day and provided in a non-tipping bowl. The shelter: big enough for the canine to stand up and turn around in and with a raised floor and dry, clean bedding for when the ambient temperature falls below that ... to which the dog is acclimated."

for the rest of the article go here

You may be howling with laughter but read the whole article before calling this ridiculous. The animal welfare officers need a tighter definition to keep bad humans from calling a plywood covered mudhole "shelter".

To be honest, I personally would have made the law a lot stronger. I believe every doggy needs to live inside the house with his/her humans, be taken for a walk every single day, brushed once a week, be provided with lots of toys including new ones on a regular basis, be allowed to chase squirrels and cats, and be given as many treats as s/he can eat. Oh, at least one car ride a day is on my list too. You may think this is excessive but I took a poll here at our house and Elsa, Pumpkin and Buffy totally agree with me.

Elsa and I went with Mom to the bagel shop again today and Mei, the bagel shop owner, gave us our own tri-seed bagel! We had to split it but we didn't mind. Mom threw my pieces of bagel at me and I caught each piece in the air. I'm quite talented. Mom says Saratoga Bagels has the best bagels in the whole wide world, and I certainly agree!

Here's a picture of Mei with a selection of bagels. Mei is very fond of dogs.

Mei Fang Huang, owner of Saratoga Bagels on Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road, offers a wide variety of bagels.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Splash barked...

Sam, we agree. Dogs definitely belong in the house, especially at nighttime. The dogs next door are always outside during the day, and sometimes at night. I feel sorry for them, but they still bark at me!

People should know that dogs are thermally efficient. Letting your dog sleep on the bed will keep you nice and warm.


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