Friday, December 31, 2004

The Tsunami Affects Animals Too

I've been wondering how I can help my canine and other animal friends in far-off Asia where the tsunami struck. My cyber-dog buddy Ditto had a great idea -- donate to the Asian Humane Society! You can donate directly or Ditto is offering a prized heirloom-quality 2005 calendar featured (naked) photos of himself as a donation incentive! I've used up all of my past, current, and future allowance in buying a Ditto calendar and making additional donations.

Doggies can't speak for themselves (although some of us can write) and while the lucky few such as me live great lives, many do not. Imagine a life worse that being a street dog...being a street dog after a tsunami hits.

Thanks to Ditto (and his human) for their thoughtfulness for all the unfortunates in this disaster.

Text from the Humane Society International of Asia website:

Tsunami Kills and Strands Tens of Thousands of Animals

The animal related problems in a disaster such as this are enormous. Dead animals litter the streets and beaches and add to the human health problems. Many animals are stranded and in need of food and help. Most of the animals in the affected areas are working and farm animals. Rescuing and caring for these animals not only helps the animals, but also the economic recovery of the region. HSIAsia is now assessing how best to assist those in need.

"Our main problem at present is food. Surviving beach dogs have no food or water. Restaurants which fed them all gone. Doing our best but very difficult. Had a delivery today from Bangkok but only 150kgs. Some volunteers dead or injured. Thanks for any help or support"

- John Dalley, Antigaro Project, Phuket, HSIAsia


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