Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Update on Sam

This message is written by Cynthia, Sam's pet guardian.


Your comments and emails are so kind and mean so much.

San is still in intensive care and will remain there all night. The best guess on what is wrong with him continues to be aspiration pneumonia.

Sam has not gotten worse, but neither has he improved. I went to see him twice today and he was happy to see me although he is clearly uncomfortable and not a happy camper. He ate two large bowls of food today. His temperature is hovering around 105 degrees. He had a bad urinary tract infection which I didn’t even know about but he is on mega doses of antibiotics so that should be resolved. An ultrasound was done as there was a concern about his spleen and liver but all looked fine. His platelet count is very low which has the vets mystified. It was fine 2 months ago. They don’t believe the platelet problem is related to the pneumonia. If it goes much lower he is at risk for internal bleeding.

I plan to visit him at 9am tomorrow morning when visiting hours start. I hope very much to bring him home tomorrow.

Thanks again for your wonderful comments to this morning's post and for caring about my big baby Sammy.



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