Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Lost Cat

Misty the scrawny gray cat has disappeared. Mom is crazy with worry and running around the neighborhood going door-to-door with a color poster and plastering these posters all over any post or fence she can find. Misty has been gone one whole day and she never disappeared for more than 15 minutes before. Even I feel sad because I miss barking at her and trying to get my jaws around her soft little body.

Here are some photos of Misty and the wording of the poster. Mom also filed a lost cat report at the San Jose Animal Control Center.

Misty looking up Posted by Picasa

Misty head shot Posted by Picasa

Misty and Charli in cage Posted by Picasa

Misty the cat is missing as of the morning of Wednesday July 27th, 2005 from Chateau Drive, Saratoga, CA 95070. All gray with long hair however she has a summer haircut (the “lion cut”) and her hair is short except for tufts on the tail and face. Female, spayed, age approx. 15 yrs. Weight 7lbs. Green eyes.

Misty is an indoor cat only, during the summer she lives in an outdoor cattery. She escaped during the night. Misty is not experienced being outdoors. She is unafraid of things, including dogs. She does not have any front claws (they were removed by her previous owner, she is a rescue from the Humane Society). Misty has a blue and pink collar with several ID tags including a license (043982), and is microchipped (Avid 085 018 796). She has probably not gone far and is still near home, cross streets are Cox and Saratoga-Sunnyvale, behind the Argonaut Shopping Center. Vet is Hemingway Cat Hospital.


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