Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Big Bully Elsa

Dang, Elsa jumped on me again today. Luckily Mom was right there and she got Elsa off of me and put her in the crate. I gave Elsa a little love-bite on the nose first. Since Elsa never actually hurts me and I have managed to bite her each time she tries to beat me up why does she keep doing this?

Mom says she is going to talk to Elsa's trainer to get some insight and suggestions. But Mom also says she feels guilty this time since she had just given me, and only me, a treat. Elsa, despite her advanced age, is an observant dog and I suppose she felt really jealous of me.

Mom does pay more attention to me and I get to go a lot more places than Elsa. I try to explain to Elsa that she would not want to go swimming, but Elsa doesn't seem to understand. All she knows is I get to go out and get into the car with Mom and she has to stay at home.

Well, there is nothing I can do about this. Mom says she loves us all the same although to be frank I don't find anything loveable about Elsa at all!


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