Monday, January 17, 2005

The Good News for Elsa

Some very good news about Elsa's tumor that was removed last Friday. It is barely malignant and with the tumor gone Elsa shouldn't have any more problems. That means she will be around to beat me up! Oh, I don't care. She's only mean to me once/week at the most and she doesn't hurt me. She gets such joy out of being top dog that I let her push me around.

I got to go to the park again today. Mom says it is better for my feet to run on the grass than on the street. I ran pretty hard and only fell down a few times. I loped and cantered and tried my best to sniff the grass and trees but Mom kept pulling on my leash and telling me to run. At one point I decided enough was enough and I sat down and my collar came off! I was free, free, free! I started walking away but Mom grabbed my fur with her hands and put my collar back on. Then she tightened it so that it won't slip off again. I don't mind. I'm not going to run away from home...this is the best life a doggy could have!


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