Sunday, February 06, 2005

The New Wheels

Wow, what a great day! Amazing given that yesterday was not so good.

But today I could walk again. Don't know why but I was able to get up this morning and stay on my feet all day. My back legs are wobbly but that's how they are now.

Mom's friend Cindy came over in the morning and showed Mom how to use a towel to help me stand up and walk. I didn't like having it around my tummy at first but Cindy says Mom has to be firm with me. Then Mom's friend Jackie came over in the afternoon and brought me a cart! They put me in the cart and off I went! I tried to run away but Mom insisted I go to Fred and Peggy's house instead. So I did. I trotted up their driveway with my new wheels. Fred was standing on the porch and the front door was ajar. I trotted right up the porch and tried to go inside the house. The wheels kind of got caught on the step so I didn't make it. Jackie and Mom and Fred and Peggy are all amazed at how I love my wheels. I like them because they make it easier for me to walk and trot. I don't even notice that they are there. Mom says I will use my wheels to go for walks in the neighborhood.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger China barked...

All right! I'm so glad they work for you. Now, can I call you 'hot rod' Sammy?

Post some pics please! I'd like to see your new set of wheels.

-Woof! (China)


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