Monday, August 30, 2004

The Intensive Care Unit

Well, I've been in intensive care at Adobe Animal Hospital for 24 hours now and I feel a lot better! Mom came in to visit me at 10am this morning and she was really pleased. I have a cone on my head and an oxygen tube going into my nose so I don't look my best, but Mom rubbed my nose and my ears and my back and told me I looked terrific. I'm not panting anymore either and I feel better but certainly not 100% perfect yet.

Dr. Durenzi came by to talk to Mom so I got to hear everything about my condition. The doctor says I am doing great and most likely will be able to come home tomorrow. She will take an x-ray to check the status of the pneumonia and depending on what she sees then she will decide.

Mom hung around for about 45 minutes petting me and waiting for the doctor so she got a good look around at the ICU. Lots of activity with dogs and cats in various cages. A pet cockatiel (long term boarder is what they said) hung on a perch. A little kitty with a cone tried to catch a bug in his cage. I don't think he succeeded. Mom couldn't look into the other cages except for the ones that were right in front of her -- that's the rules, but she did look into the cage next to me. There is a very old exhausted looking golden retriever in there sleeping like a rock. I don't know what is wrong with him (or her) but I sure hope s/he gets better too.

This photo is from another vet hospital ICU but where I am staying is very similar.

Mom tried to read the chart on my cage but she couldn't understand everything. It did say I am on constant oxygen and that I am taking two kinds of antibiotics. It also said that I hadn't been eating but the doctor said that's to be expected.

My eyes are nice and bright now and not all dull and mostly shut like they were yesterday. That scared Mom and Kelly the most, along with my difficult breathing.

Mom was telling her friend Peggy, her neighbor and the pet guardian of those irritating Shelties, all about my illness. Mom described my behavior and Peggy knew exactly what it was since Maggie, one of the Shelties, had had two types of pneumonia at once just this year. Mom thinks if Peggy had seen me ill she would have known what was wrong with me. But Mom was waiting to show me off until I had my serious bath (which I still haven't had...something to look forward to I suppose).

Well, I'm awfully tired despite spending all the day dozing. Getting well takes quite a bit of energy. I sure hope I can come home tomorrow. Elsa and Buffy and Pumpkin probably miss me terribly even though they just met me a few days ago. And Elsa needs help in protecting the yard from those annoying Shelties. I do have important things to do!

9pm Update!
I overheard Dr. Durenzi talking to Mom on the phone. The doctor said my fever is gone and my appetite has returned with a vengeance. She said after I ate my food I tried to eat the plate. Ha ha. What a sense of humor these doctors have! Actually I was trying to wave the plate around to tell the assistant that more food would be appreciated. Sometimes people can be kind of slow. Dr. Durenzi said if my x-ray looks good then I can go home tomorrow afternoon! I hope Mom is going to feed me a lot to make up for all those days that I didn't eat anything. But she has said I am on a diet and I need to lose 10 or 15 pounds.


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