Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Cool and Calm Dog

Today was my second day showing off at Barnes and Noble. I felt totally different today...very relaxed. Yesterday I couldn't sit down much less lie down. I just had to be up and active every moment because being inside a book store was a new experience for me. But today I was very cool and calm. I sat still much of the time and even lay down and fell asleep! I got awfully tired because hordes of adoring fans came up to pet me and talk about how gorgeous I am. To be honest, a few times I gave out a big yawn. After awhile I'd heard it all. The most common comments and questions were:
  • What a big dog! (This comment was common even when I was lying down)
  • Can I (we, the kids) pet him?
  • What kind of dog is he?
  • I didn't know German Shepherds could be all black!
  • He's trying to drink my latte!!! (Actually, I liked the people who were carrying coffee drinks the best. One woman even let me lick the lid of her drink. Well, "let" isn't exactly the right word. She was gracious about it though.)
  • Is he a guide dog?
  • How old is he?
  • Does he bite? (Mom thought this question was pretty funny...would it make any sense to bring a big GSD to a place with kids if he had a tendency to bite?)
  • Why did he end up at the shelter?
  • I hope he finds a good home.
  • I love him but my (mother, father, husband, wife, etc.) would kill me if I got another dog.
  • I already have two dogs.
  • I had a German Shepherd and I loved him very much.
  • I have a German Shepherd (or mix) now and he/she is the best dog in the world.
  • I have a cat (or two or three or four).
  • I have a pug, Boston terrier, mutt, rottweiler-mix, two dachsunds, two beagles, several adopted dogs from the shelter, etc. etc. etc.
  • My sister (brother, daughter, son) would love him but...

It was a lot of fun listening to everyone's comments!

However the highlight of my day is when I got my big nose into the box with chocolate kisses in it. I had one tight between my teeth and was about to eat it, foil and all, but Mom managed to pry open my mouth and take it out. Sometimes Mom is kind of mean to me.

Even if my perfect family didn't come by today, this was a great experience for me to have so many strangers touch me and fawn all over me. Plus being inside the store was new too. Mom says it was good for my overall socialization skills.


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