Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Third Swimming Lesson

Yup, looks like swimming is going to be a regular thing for me. I like going there in the car. And I like meeting the other dogs. Today there was a three-legged black dog, another black dog with a curly coat, a black lab-mix named Ivy and a young beige Vizsla. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Ivy because she jumped into the pool on her own volition! Ivy's sister is the one who is having swimming therapy and Ivy just comes along because she likes to swim! Whenever her sister was in the pool Ivy would jump in too and swim after toys or race with Connie the swim instructor. Sometimes the Vizla would swim up to Ivy and try to climb on her back. Well, they have a different attitude about swimming than me.

When Connie calls my name I reluctantly go into the pool and only because Connie is pushing from the back and Mom is pulling on the front. I absolutely do not want to take that first step...but of course I do because they force me in. Then I paddle and paddle and paddle and try to get out of there but Connie hangs onto me and no matter how hard I swim I pretty much stay in the same place.

I go in and come out three times so that I can rest in between. I like the resting part because it's really fun to watch the other dogs in the pool. But I'm always shocked when I have to go in myself!

Connie says I am a very strong swimmer so despite my reluctance I am doing a good job.


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