Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Eating Machine

Mom called me an "eating machine" today. She says she is going to change my nickname from "Sammy" to "Sharky" if I don't change my ways!

Today I had two exciting experiences with food. Mom went food shopping (uh oh you are thinking, doesn't she ever learn?) and brought in the bags one at a time, unloading each one and putting the food away before she went out for the next bag. (Sounds foolproof right? Ha!) However, she left a plastic bag with two apples in it on the counter (Duh!) Mom didn't think I would like apples. But I like everything! I grabbed the bag, one apple fell out but I kept the other. Mom did her best to pry my mouth open -- she didn't care about the apple but she really didn't want me to eat the plastic bag. Yummy is all I can say. I consider the plastic bag to be like whipped cream. Mom was pretty frustrated and she went over and asked Peggy for advice. Peggy is the owner of those two yappy Shelties next door. Peggy sided with me (of course). She said those goofy shelties do the same thing and Mom just needs to be better trained to keep food and plastic bags away from me.

My second fun experience was during dinner. Mom prepared our dinner as usual. She gives Elsa and me each our bowls first, then gives the bowls to the little doggies. I made one of my leaps of joy as Mom was carrying my dish, and I hit the dish with my big nose. The dish, which was ceramic, crashed to the floor and broke into 3 pieces. Elsa and Pumpkin and Buffy and I cleaned up the mess with great enthusiasm. Mom just sighed and picked up the pieces...she was glad there weren't any shards.

Ahhhh...I'm trouble, no doubt about it.

I guess I am kind of like a shark...all mouth and stomach.

Life is good.


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