Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Dog Named Como

Great story in the SF Chronicle about Como, a cute little mutt who escaped from his house, got hit by a car, was rescued by his human, underwent surgery and is now in recovery.

Articles are by Como's pet guardian:
Steven Winn, Chronicle Staff Writer

Part 1: Pursuit takes tragic turn
Part 2: Family on tenterhooks as injured dog recovers

Lasts year's article about Como:
Man and beast, a year later Como has let our writer inch his way out of the doghouse of his affections

The author had to persevere to bond with his family's new pet. Chronicle photo, 2004, by Liz Hafalia



At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Aunt Cindy says this is an excellent story, bittersweet in so many ways. I read it on the edge of my seat. I personanlly fear for Kodi's safety for just such reasons. I applaud his family's concern and after-care of Como. Those of us with our DM doggies can sure relate. Kodi, please read this and OBEY me!! *yeah-right...*
Aunt Cindy and Kodi


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