Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Turkey and Carrot and Onion and Garlic and Celery and Sweet Potato and Ginger Stew

Tonight we doggies got a treat -- dollops of pressure-cooker turkey stew in our dog bowls along with the usual kibble. I think Mom is adding to my diet because of my "health problem", whatever that is. Yummy. I like home-cooked meals even though by human standards, Mom is a lousy cook. But by dog standards, which are the only ones I know, she's a great cook!

Kelly came over and brought some more kibble for me. All of us doggies had to show off in front of Kelly. Despite my problem I danced around the floor like a crazed demon; I even galloped in circles and made little barks of delight. Actually, I was trying to impress Kelly but more importantly I was desperately trying to keep Mom focused on serving us our dinner! It was all prepared but she chit chatted with Kelly way past our dinnertime! According to our inner mealtime clocks, which are extremely accurate, we are supposed to eat at 5pm sharp (sooner is OK) not at 6pm! Elsa and Buffy and Pumpkin and I all tried to remind Mom of our dinner just sitting there but then Kelly would start petting us and we would have to crowd around her saying "me, me, me, ignore them and pet me" in our inner canine voices.

We finally got dinner and it was super delicious. As always.


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Cal the Wonderdog barked...

mmmmmm sounds very delicious. I'm just about to get off of puppy food and go onto some big dog fare. But I never get food like that. I wonder if my humans should start feeding me a more varied fare? I would like it a lot, I tell you.

Oh, and on the anti-inflammatory drug thing, my sidekick still takes Celebrex even though it and most of the Cox-2 inhibitors will likely be pulled off the market. He's encourages by a new regimen of amino acid, mineral, and vitamin supplements he's been taking that seem to take care of his knee and hip problems. He's walking around like a young pup lately! Hopely, all dogs and humans can find things that are just as good as the drugs for keeping them mobile and active - cause that's the key, keep moving!

At 9:35 AM, Blogger BitchCat barked...

Hey there, just wanted to say thank you for joining the pet ring - I need to annoy the human now so see ya later


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