Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Adoption!

I'm adopted! Today Kelly came over and Mom filled out the paperwork making me her forever doggy. Not that I had any doubt it would come to this...I am the most adorably irritating dog in the world! Wait, no, I mean I am the most adorable dog in the whole wide world. Being irritating just makes me cuter. I don't know why humans think that being waken up with a big wet nose on the cheek is irritating. Plus, if Mom doesn't get up right after that I serve as a great alarm clock by barking in her ear, as loud as I can. No wonder Mom couldn't give me up!

Now I have to give you my little sales pitch. Please adopt a dog. Please adopt an older dog. And please adopt an older big dog. Older big dogs don't have much of a chance in the shelter and we are the best dogs in the whole wide world. Just ask me for details!


At 1:29 PM, Blogger China barked...

Great news, Sam! Isn't being adopted the greatest feeling!


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