Friday, September 24, 2004

The Boss Around Here is...Elsa

Elsa really pushed me around today. It's only because of me that she has risen above her couch potato ways, and now she thinks I need to be put in my place. We were playing with some toys together along with Mom and Elsa claims I took her toy. First of all, the toys are for all of us not just her, but nevermind that point. Anyway, Elsa had a little fit and barked and growled and tried to push me to the floor. I'm not aggressive, so heck I let her push me around despite the fact that she is ancient (age 14), has practically no teeth, and I'm a lot bigger than her. It's just the way things are around here in this pack. Elsa is the boss and I accept it. Most of the time she's OK though and we play together well. I just gotta be sure that I do my subordinate doggy role appropriately.

You'd never know from looking at her how bossy she can be!


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