Friday, August 26, 2005

The Birthday Dog

Today is my birthday! Well, it's the day I came to live with Mom and Elsa and Pumpkin and Buffy and the luscious felines. So it's my re-birthday since my life changed tremendously on this day 1 year ago. Then I was in the Silicon Valley Humane Society without a future. Linda of the SF Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue pulled me out of the shelter and Kelly assigned me to live with Mom as her first foster dog. Mom adopted me and here I am!

Read my very first post on August 26, 2004: The Rescue

Mom almost forgot today is the big day. Luckily my friends Cindy, Dick and Kodi remembered. Geez, it's a good thing I have friends! They sent me a birthday card.

Dear Sammy-Wammy -- It's your 1 year anniversary of your Gotcha Day!! We've been honored to know you and your Mom for the last few months. You are a very loved doggie and we wish you many, many years of happiness just like this last year you've had in your loving home!

Waggingly yours,

Cindy, Dick & Kodi


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Freda barked...


Sorry we missed your announcement last night. We checked out your first posting. Great story. Those seat belts can sure get you twisted up when you first try them but I have trained mine to stay cool and let me do my thing(s).

Isn't it great that there are humans out there that want to bring us into their homes and share their love and more importantly their FOOD! with us. Yah, that love thing is cool.

Glad you have a great place to slobber and sleep. Have enjoyed visiting your place on the web and look forward to more adventures.




P.S. Spencer's address is They may be resting right now. Sigh...

At 2:35 PM, Blogger L^2 barked...

Hope you had a great day!

--Laura, LD Willow, & Stella

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Hi Sam! I know you had a wonderful day because you have such wonderful caring friends that love you to pieces. Your Mom is the greatest!

Aunt Sara


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