Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Cooper's Hawk

This afternoon there was a Cooper's Hawk sitting on the power line above the backyard. It was surveying the territory; probably looking for doves. I easily spotted it and ran out there and barked at it.

Mom ran out too she was pretty excited to see a Cooper's Hawk. She said she has seen them three times before -- once in the redwood tree across the street, once snatching a dove from the front yard, and once circling above with crows chasing it. She says the Cooper's hawk considers her native plant garden to be prime hunting ground.

Well, this is my territory now and that raptor had better watch out! I'm good at spotting birds and squirrels up on the power line and fence. I make sure that they all know who's the boss around here. Especially that irritating white cat from next door. The one that sits on the fence and teases us!

Anyway, to finish the Cooper's hawk story just as Mom got a good close look at it my barking scared it away and it flew over the house and alit in a tree in the front yard. Mom was kind of exasperated with me but I've got a job to do!


At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Hi Cynthia, great blog for Sam!! I read it when you 1st joined DM group, but spent quite awhile here today. Wanted to comment on "your" hawk. We have one in our neighborhood too, but it's all grey. Very majestic and fascinating to watch. Hope to meet you soon!
Take care Cynthia, Sammy and crew,
Cindy Swan & Kodi


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