Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Run in the Park

Today I did some excellent running in the park. I cantered and much that Mom got tired. Usually I get tired first. It was fun!

Last night Elsa slept in my bed. She came all the way into the bedroom and lay down right on my dog bed! I let her of course, since she's the boss. Mom says she used to sleep in the bedroom but as she got older she doesn't like to walk on the wooden floors she so she has stayed in the family room to sleep. But now there are rugs all the way into the bedroom. I hope Mom will bring in another bed for her tonight because it's really not right for her to sleep in my spot. Elsa's awfully lively these days, ever since her operation. She has been trying to play with the little dogs, which she never did before. She might even be trying to play with me but I'm going to be careful...she likes to put me in my place!


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