Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Intensive Care Unit - Day 3

I'm still here at the hospital. Mom and Peggy came to visit me in the afternoon. I looked pretty good -- I was standing up and when Mom came into my "cell" I tried to get out. I'm ready to go emotionally but physically I'm still recovering. The x-ray shows a lot of congestion still and the doctor doesn't want to send me home too early. I'm taking my antibiotics via an IV but I am off of the oxygen. Makes breathing a little harder but I'm hanging in there. Mom says I've lost weight which isn't a bad thing since I am a bit overweight, but it does mean I'm not eating as well as I was before. But hey, no question that I am greatly improved and well on my way to recovery. Mom took some pictures today so if some of them turn out well you will soon see what a handsome boy I am despite being a bit under the weather.

(click on the photo for a larger version)

Mom and Kelly think that I will come home either tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday at the latest. We shall see.

My new friend Betty who lives nearby and belongs to the Rescue group too called to see how I was doing. It's nice to have so many people thinking of me! I wonder if Elsa, Buffy and Pumpkin are missing me at all. They know that Mom comes to visit me because they sniff her like crazy when she comes home.


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