Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Training Lessons Continue...

Not much new today. Had my training walk this morning, and of course, I did well. I'm getting the idea of what it takes to have yummy carrots fed to me. If I hang close to Mom and don't wander, she makes little cooing sounds and soon she hands me a baby carrot. Of course, Mom doesn't exactly hand it to me because I still have a tendency to take the fingers with the treat. Mom makes a fist and holds the carrot between her thumb and first finger. Then I delicately take it from her without chewing on a digit. Jeff drove by as we were walking and he was very pleased to see me in training. Jeff thinks I need more doggy manners and I can't argue with that!

This weekend on Saturday and Sunday 11/27 and 11/28 I will be at Barnes and Noble doing my holiday shopping and browsing the cookbooks. Well, not really. I will be at Barnes and Noble showing off while Mom helps the SF Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue group sell GSD stuff. You can visit me from the hours of 1:30pm-6pm, Barnes and Noble, San Jose Almaden Fashion Plaza, take hiway 85 and the Alameda exit. Please stop by and I will give you a kiss on the cheek with my big nose (I'm not much of a licker). Oh, say hello to Mom too. She will be wrapping packages.


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