Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Table Manners of the Proper Dog

There is now plenty of evidence that I have excellent table manners.

  • I wait for my food patiently
  • I am not protective of my bowl
  • I do not attempt to take the food from another dog's dish
  • I clean my plate completely and I also lick the floor around the dish just in case
  • I even share the drinking water bowl at the same time with Elsa (we are big dogs so this is a big bowl!)
  • I do not counter surf although frankly if my back legs were just a little bit stronger and the floor not so slippery I might be overly tempted -- Mom is very careful not to put anything enticing near the edge

My appetite is now beyond excellent. I'm eating 1 cup of dried dog food with some steamed carrots and chicken mixed in twice each day. I also take my two types of antibiotics and doggy glucosamin, I get my antiobiotics covered with liverwurst and fed by spoon to make sure that I eat the whole pill.

I also get treats taken from the hand...Mom learned to make her hand into a fist and put the treat between the thumb and the first finger, that way I don't accidentally nip her fingers. I sit automatically while waiting for my treat...I don't even need to be asked.


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