Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Ice Cube Maker

I love ice cubes! I wait patiently (OK, impatiently) in front of the refrigerator, with my big nose positioned right under the spout of the ice cube maker. And I hope Mom will push the lever and and ice cube will pop out right into my mouth. Mom likes iced drinks so she uses the ice cube maker a lot. Which is good news for me. I usually catch one of the cubes when it comes out but I can't catch them all. Then I scramble around looking for them on the floor. They are tough to find since they don't have an odor. But mmmmmm are they good. Cold and crunchy.

I thought I was the only doggy in the world that ate ice cubes but Mom found this picture of some puppies (labs?) who are obviously ice cube lovers too!

And here's a BEAR eating ice cubes right out of the ice dispenser!


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