Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Very Ill Dog

I am very ill. I saw Dr. Julie Miller at Pet's Friend Animal Hospital today. Dr. Miller is the vet for Pumpkin, Buffy and Elsa. My vet is Dr. Condreay at Porte Animal Hospital. I'm not sure why I have a different vet than the other doggies...Mom mumbled something about "Dr. Condreay will come to the house if we need her". But I don't know what that means.

Anyway Dr. Miller was very kind to me. She checked me over and looked over my records from Porte and my xrays. She scratched me on the ear and wispered sweet words of love. I was nervous at first but then I succumbed to her charms and relaxed. Dr. Miller said my problems are "profound" and "multiple" which are two words that I don't really understand. She used other strange words like "cancer", "tumor", and a said "maybe" a lot. The only word I understand is "maybe".

Dr. Miller said I am not in pain right now and that made Mom happy. I've gained a couple pounds too which is good. I have had a terrible problem with diarrhea for weeks. I'm sorry to report that this awful diarrhea happened 3 times today. It's a lot of work for Mom to clean up after me, and to clean me up, but she just kisses my big nose and says not to worry. Since I am only a dog, I don't worry about anything anyway. Last night I started taking a new medicine called "metronidazole" which Dr. Condreay says will help with the diarrhea.

Mom was going to go to San Diego tomorrow for a "business meeting", whatever that is, but she changed her mind to spend the day with me!

On Thursday we are taking a long car ride up to Rohnert Park to the Animal Care Center to see a neurologist -- Dr. Pedroia. Drs. Condreay and Miller said Dr. Pedroia is a genius and he will know what Mom should do to help me. Which is fine with me...I know Mom will make the best decision for me.

I want to thank all of you cyberdoggy buddies for your wonderful comments of support. Mom and I read them together and we feel so comforted by your caring.

Barks and licks and nibbles,



At 7:51 AM, Blogger Pimm barked...

Isn't the blog world odd and wonderful? Even though we've never met, I feel like I know you and I'm soooo sorry for what you and your mom are going through. You hang in there and rest easy knowing that you have a person who loves you and will do right by you.
Pimm's Mom.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Sandy barked...

Sam and Sam's Mom,

We're sorry that you and Mom have to go through this. Sounds like you have very good doctors who will help you as much as they can. We have truly enjoyed reading your blog and think you are an incredibly lovable, sweet, and funny dog. We are sending good wishes and thoughts your way.

Sandy and Toby

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Sandy barked...

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At 9:57 AM, Blogger tkallison barked...


I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. You are fortunate to have a mommy who will go to such great lengths for you. We wish you a speedy recovery and you will be in our prayers.

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Bless you heart Sam and Sam's mama. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous barked...

Hi Sam...
I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well! My name is Rebel, I am a 4 year old GSD who was rescued at 3 years and right after rescue had GDV (twisted stomach). After an expensive surgery and a long recovery I am doing well. So I know what it is like to feel so bad! I will be thinking good thoughts for you! You are very lucky to have a mom who cares so much about you! Woof Rebel!


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