Friday, October 22, 2004

The Tandem Walk

When Mom took Elsa and me for a walk this evening, she put us on the "tandem" leash. One leash connects us and then that leash is hooked to the main leash with the person on the other end.

Elsa and I did great together! We are quite the matched pair. I'm bigger and taller and all black, but Elsa is mostly black and she has a respectable figure. We both have a bit of gray and we act very dignified except when we smell something disgusting...which happens at least once at each house we walk by. But I gotta say we understand the program...we walk forward side by side, quietly with no pulling or barking. At one point we came from behind a parked car and there right in front of us was a woman, her mom, and her teensy-tiny white poode. The poodle strained on its leash and wagged its tail and tried to run up to us but we just stood there impassively, aristocratically accepting the poodle's desperate attempt to kowtow to us. Elsa and I didn't bark, or even move. Then when Mom told us to keep moving forward, we did. Well, Elsa glanced back a few times but not me. A goofy little poodle is not something that evens registers on my interest scale. Later on the walk Elsa's collar came off. Sometimes Elsa just stops dead because something makes her nervous -- usually a change in the pavement. I kept walking and accidentally pulled off her collar. Mom wasn't surprised because she knew Elsa's collar was too loose. Elsa started walking again I guess she thought she'd finish the walk naked! But Mom grabbed her and put her collar back on.

This morning I tried to play with Pumpkin. I got down on the floor in the play crouch, I wagged my tail vigorously, I barked cheerfully, but Pumpkin just gave me the evil eye. Then he jumped at me barking and growling. Well, heck, just forget it. I have better manners and ignored his bad behavior. I'd like to play with him though. He's only 1/4 my size but he's lively and could be a lot of fun. Elsa is my size but she's kind of a slug. Buffy likes to boss me around too much. I hope my forever home has a kid or two. I had a kid of my own before and he played with me all the time!


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