Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Eyeglasses

Today I was a bad, bad dog. Sometimes I do things that don't make any sense, even to me. Well, what happened was Mom was carrying some dishes and a plastic bag that used to have cheese in it. She accidentally dropped the plastic bag which of course I went after. I love cheese flavored plastic. When she bent over to grab the plastic bag out of my mouth, one of the lenses in her glasses fell out. Mom kept going after the plastic bag because she figured that is what I was interested in. So, I grabbed the lens, made out of glass, and chomped on it. I broke it and ended up eating some of it. Mom was pretty mad at me, both because I could make myself sick, and because now she has to spend real $$$ to fix something I broke. I would feel guilty if I knew I was a bad dog, but it all happened so fast I didn't really understand what I did was wrong.

I had a bath in the shower today. I was a good dog when I was taking my bath.

Maybe a doggy can only be good for a part of the day?


At 5:55 AM, Blogger joann barked...

Dear Sammy boy,
I can understand why your mommie was upset about you eating her optical lens. My Kirby boy ate my whole frame and lenses on my glasses too, he cost me $300.00 at the vet just because he had a tummy ache. I know you are sorry about it, next time stick with the food on the counter. I hope you find a forever home soon. You are a very sweet dog.


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