Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Doggy Door

This morning I proved again that I am supremely intelligent. After I was put outside, and Mom went back to bed, I came back into the house all by myself using the doggy door. I learned how to use the doggy door in 36 hours! Mom had showed me a few times and I observed the other dogs using it, but still, it took some real cleverness on my part to figure out the mechanics so quickly. Of course Elsa claims she taught me but that's just not true unless you count her doing her own thing as "teaching". Mom says it took Buffy a month to learn how to use it; even the cat figured it out before Buffy. Buffy is a cute little guy but his brain doesn't look all that big.

I'm not hungry today though. Can't really say why. Is my stomach upset? Is it my cough and sneezing? I ate great yesterday but today, I'm just not that interested in food. Mom's not worried because the Rescue people told her that this is not uncommon as the foster dog settles into the new home. Scott from the Rescue group brought over a bag of food for me. Something new that I will check out tomorrow. Maybe it will be more appealing that what I've been eating.

I've kind of got the urge to run away. Several times today I thought I would sneak out the front door or out the gate by the garage. Mom keeps a close eye on me though and I didn't even get my nose out. Not sure why I'm eager to go since this is a great life. I do feel a little nervous; everything is new and my old family, who had me all of my life, for 10 years, is nowhere to be found.

Tomorrow Mom says we will go for a walk and I know she is planning to keep a tight hold on me and use that special collar -- I don't know what it is called but it has little metal things on it. It looks pretty serious but Kelly said it's the right thing to use, better than a choke collar, and since I am so big and strong I might be hard to control without it.

I managed to sneak into the living room today. There's a gate so that we, the dogs, can't get in there but either I managed to open the gate or Mom accidentally left it open. When she came home from the gym I was hanging out in the living room. Of course, I didn't do anything bad in there. Mom wishes I had vacuumed and swept but I'm not sure I'm a fan of the vacuum cleaner or the broom. I'll wait till Mom uses them and see if I'm afraid of them or not. It doesn't look like Mom uses them very often.


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